Gabi van Ingen is a Dutch freelance photographer who seeks for beautiful people and landscapes and combines these two to create fashion images for various brands. Besides her commissioned work she makes independent work that show photographs of constructed landscapes. Her work is minimalistic and she loves to add abstract layers to her photos. This way she creates tension in the image to let you, the viewer, know that this photo is not a snapshot but that it’s constructed, that it’s made.


After her graduation from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Gabi made independent and commissioned work which you can see on the Portfolio page or on the website of PAR, the gallery’s that successfully represents her work. Gabi is now focusing on a new concept, PROJECT: LANDSCAPE 2.0 for which she traveled through South America to work in the most beautiful sceneries. Click here to read more about this Project and follow her on this great adventure. 




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